Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sara Blædel / Blaedel

Sara Blædel (born August 6, 1964), is a Danish author best known for her crime fiction novels featuring Louise Rick. She is the daughter of journalist Leif Blædel and actress Annegrethe Nissen. She has been voted Most Popular Author in Denmark three times, received several prizes and grants and her novels have been published in 18 countries.

She was born in Copenhagen and grew up in Hvalsø Denmark. After working as a waitress, she trained in graphic arts and publishing, working as the graphic coordinator at Denmark's Gyldendal publishing house.

Blædel founded the "Sara B" crime fiction publishing company in 1993, and in 1995 she started work as a journalist. She worked on several television series a presenter, researcher, project manager, and editor before becoming an author.

Blædel's first novel was Grønt støv, first published in Denmark in 2004, followed by Kald mig prinsesse (2005), Kun ét liv (2007), Aldrig mere fri (2008), Hævnens gudinde (2009), Dødsengelen (2010), and De glemte piger (2011). Until 2008, Blædel's books were published in Denmark by Lindhardt and Ringhof. Since 2008, her publisher has been People's Press.

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