Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Anders Bodelsen

Anders Bodelsen (born 1937) is a prolific Danish writer primarily associated with the 1960 new-realism wave in Danish literature, along with Christian Kampmann and Henrik Stangerup. Bodelsen prefers the social-realistic style of writing, often thrillers about middle-class people that faces the consequences of materialism, which often clashes with their human values. His thrillers also experiment with ordinary persons tempted by e.g. theft and border-morale issues.

Most famous is his ingenious novel Think of a Number (Tænk på et tal, 1968) filmed as "The Silent Partner" in 1978. Also widely known is his cooperation with Danish National Television (Danmarks Radio) on the filming of some of his children's thrillers, e.g. Guldregn ("Golden Shower", 1986).

Furthermore he has also made some lesser known radio plays. He has a very brief cameo in the second of the Olsen Gang series of films, Olsen-banden på spanden.

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