Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Elsebeth Egholm

Elsebeth Egholm (born 17 September 1960 in Nyborg ) is a Danish writer and journalist.

 She grew up in Lisbjerg at Aarhus and graduated from the State University of Haslemere and read subsequent musicology at the University of Aarhus and at the Royal Academy. She shifted, however, to journalism, and was in 1989 a journalist from the Danish School of Journalism. As a recent graduate, she was backing editor of Berlingske Tidende.

Since 2000, she has mainly concentrated on writing novels. The first three are characterized as typical women's literature. With the Hidden defects from 2002 she moved into femi-crime genre. This novel was the first with the journalist Benedicte Svendsen as the curious amateur detective who creates complications for the police investigation.

Benedicte Svendsen plays a significant role through violence and power from 2009, when Dicte repressed son, Peter Boutrup who grew up in orphanages, is suspected in a homicide. Peter is the main character in Three dog night from 2011. In this novel draws Egholm the tradition of the action genre and feminist character is heavily shaded.

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