Friday, June 14, 2013

Ole Sarvig

Ole Sarvig (1921 Copenhagen - 1981, Copenhagen) was a Danish author and poet, known for his participation in the literary journal heretica.

In 1967 he received the grand prize of the Danish Academy. In 2004, his 1943 work Regnmaaleren was included in the Danish Culture Canon. He was a friend and mentor to the poet Michael Strunge, whose poem "December" remembers Sarvig's death by suicide in December 1981. Like Sarvig, Strunge took his life by jumping from a building.

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Poul Erik Nørholm Orum

Poul Erik Nørholm Orum ( 23 December 1919 in Nykøbing - 27 December 1997 ) was a Danish author who mainly wrote novels.

His works are mostly based on his own experiences. Orum worked from 1944 to 1957 as a journalist. In 1957, he settled in Fano. His started writing in 1953 when he was 34 years old. In the period from 1953 through 1992, Orum wrote 39 books, including some poetry, collections of short stories, memoirs and essays, but predominantly novels.

Torben Nielsen

Torben Nielsen is a Danish author born in 1918. His popular novels are:
  • An Unsuccessful Man / apa A Gallowsbird's Song (Galgesangen) Denmark 1973; UK 1976; US 1976.  Translated by Marianne Helweg 
  • Nineteen Red Roses (Nitten røde roser) Denmark 1974; UK 1978
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Michael Larsen

Michael Larsen (born 28 November 1961 in Værløse) is a Danish author.

He is trained as a journalist. In addition to several thrillers, he has also written film scripts.

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A. J. Kazinski - Anders Rønow Klarlund and Jacob Weinreich

A. J. Kazinski is the pseudonym of two filmmakers, Anders Rønow Klarlund and Jacob Weinreich.

 Anders Rønnow Klarlund born 1971, is a Danish author, director and screenwriter. Together with the Danish author Jakob Weineich he is also known as A. J. Kazinski. Together they have published The Last Good Man and "The Sleep and The Death".

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Lene Kaaberbøl

Lene Kaaberbøl (born in 1960) is a Danish writer living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Her work primarily consists of children's fantasy series and crime fiction for adults. She received the Nordic Children's Book Prize in 2004.

Her collaboration with Agnete Friis, The Boy in the Suitcase, was shortlisted for the Glass Key award.  

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Christian Jungersen

Christian Jungersen (born 1962 in Copenhagen) is a Danish author residing in Dublin, Ireland and New York City. He is the author of two prize-winning and bestselling novels, Thickets (Krat) and The Exception (2004). The Exception has been sold for publication in 17 countries.

In 2009, readers of Denmark’s largest newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, voted The Exception the second best Danish novel of the past 25 years. The novel won the Danish Radio Prize da:P2 Romanprisen and the Golden Laurels prize. The novel has been shortlisted and nominated for awards in the following countries: in United Kingdom it was shortlisted for the Duncan Lawrie International Dagger, as translated by Anna Paterson in 2006; in France it was shortlisted for the Grand prix des lectrices de Elle; in Sweden it was shortlisted for the Martin Beck Award; in Ireland it was nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award.

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Pia Juul

Pia Juul (born 1962 in Korsør, Denmark) is a Danish poet, prose writer and translator.

She has received several prizes and is a member of the Danish Academy. She has also taught at the Danish writing school Forfatterskolen in Copenhagen.

The novel The Murder of Halland (Mordet på Halland) involves the investigation of a crime (but could be considered literary fiction rather than crime fiction).

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Peter Høeg

Peter Høeg (born 17 May 1957) is a Danish writer of fiction. He received a Master of Arts in Literature from the University of Copenhagen in 1984.

Høeg was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. Before becoming a writer, he worked variously as a sailor, ballet dancer and actor (in addition to fencing and mountaineering)—experiences that he uses in his novels.

Peter Høeg published his first novel, A History of Danish Dreams, in 1988 to very positive reviews. In the years that followed he wrote and published the short story collection Tales of Night, and four novels: Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow (1992), Borderliners (1993), The Woman and the Ape (1996), and The Quiet Girl (2006). It was Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow that earned Høeg immediate and international literary celebrity. His books are published in Denmark by Munksgaard/Rosinante, now a part of Blackwell Publishing, and have also been published in more than 30 other countries.
In 1993 he won the Danish booksellers award De Gyldne Laurbær (The Golden Laurel) and the Danish Critics Prize for Literature for his book De måske egnede (English title: Borderliners).

Høeg has a reputation for being hard to place in terms of literary style. All his works are stylistically very different from one another, and have been labelled post-modern, gothic, magical-realist, to mention a few. There is a red thread to be found, however, in terms of theme; Høeg's work often seems to deal with the consequences of the progress of civilization.

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Sissel-Jo Gazan

Sissel-Jo Gazan was born in 1973 and trained as a biologist.

Gazan is cultural journalist and the author of several novels.

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Agnete Friis

Agnete Friis (born 1974) is a Danish writer who is best known for co-authoring Drengen i kufferten, or The Boy in the Suitcase.

 The book was short-listed for the Scandinavian Glass Key Prize while competing against The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and received the 2008 Harald Mogensen award for best crime novel. It has been translated into ten languages and there are more than two million copies in print. The Boy in the Suitcase was translated into English in 2011. The book was reviewed by Sarah Weinman as "among one of the best crime novels of the year".

Agnete Friis also works as a journalist, and has also published children and adolescent literature.

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Elsebeth Egholm

Elsebeth Egholm (born 17 September 1960 in Nyborg ) is a Danish writer and journalist.

 She grew up in Lisbjerg at Aarhus and graduated from the State University of Haslemere and read subsequent musicology at the University of Aarhus and at the Royal Academy. She shifted, however, to journalism, and was in 1989 a journalist from the Danish School of Journalism. As a recent graduate, she was backing editor of Berlingske Tidende.

Since 2000, she has mainly concentrated on writing novels. The first three are characterized as typical women's literature. With the Hidden defects from 2002 she moved into femi-crime genre. This novel was the first with the journalist Benedicte Svendsen as the curious amateur detective who creates complications for the police investigation.

Benedicte Svendsen plays a significant role through violence and power from 2009, when Dicte repressed son, Peter Boutrup who grew up in orphanages, is suspected in a homicide. Peter is the main character in Three dog night from 2011. In this novel draws Egholm the tradition of the action genre and feminist character is heavily shaded.

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Leif Davidsen

Leif Davidsen (born 25 July 1950 in Otterup) is a Danish author.

 Educated as a journalist, in 1977 he started working in Spain as a freelance journalist for Danmarks Radio. In 1980 he began covering Soviet news with frequent news reports to Danmarks Radio from Russia. From 1984 to 1988 he was stationed in Moscow.

As a journalist he has travelled extensively around the world. When Davidsen returned to Denmark he became chief editor of Danmarks Radio's foreign news desk. From 1996 he edited a TV series called “Danish Dream” about Denmark today. In 1991 he won the Danish booksellers award De Gyldne Laurbær (The Golden Laurel) for his book Den sidste spion. In 1999, he became a full-time writer.

Davidsen writes political thrillers, which depict life of modern man in a changing world. Even if many of the characters are of Danish origin, the settings of the stories are often abroad. Davidsen published his first book Uhellige alliancer or The Sardine Deception in 1984. It is a story of intrigue in the Spanish Basque Country shortly after Franco's death.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Anders Bodelsen

Anders Bodelsen (born 1937) is a prolific Danish writer primarily associated with the 1960 new-realism wave in Danish literature, along with Christian Kampmann and Henrik Stangerup. Bodelsen prefers the social-realistic style of writing, often thrillers about middle-class people that faces the consequences of materialism, which often clashes with their human values. His thrillers also experiment with ordinary persons tempted by e.g. theft and border-morale issues.

Most famous is his ingenious novel Think of a Number (Tænk på et tal, 1968) filmed as "The Silent Partner" in 1978. Also widely known is his cooperation with Danish National Television (Danmarks Radio) on the filming of some of his children's thrillers, e.g. Guldregn ("Golden Shower", 1986).

Furthermore he has also made some lesser known radio plays. He has a very brief cameo in the second of the Olsen Gang series of films, Olsen-banden på spanden.

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Sara Blædel / Blaedel

Sara Blædel (born August 6, 1964), is a Danish author best known for her crime fiction novels featuring Louise Rick. She is the daughter of journalist Leif Blædel and actress Annegrethe Nissen. She has been voted Most Popular Author in Denmark three times, received several prizes and grants and her novels have been published in 18 countries.

She was born in Copenhagen and grew up in Hvalsø Denmark. After working as a waitress, she trained in graphic arts and publishing, working as the graphic coordinator at Denmark's Gyldendal publishing house.

Blædel founded the "Sara B" crime fiction publishing company in 1993, and in 1995 she started work as a journalist. She worked on several television series a presenter, researcher, project manager, and editor before becoming an author.

Blædel's first novel was Grønt støv, first published in Denmark in 2004, followed by Kald mig prinsesse (2005), Kun ét liv (2007), Aldrig mere fri (2008), Hævnens gudinde (2009), Dødsengelen (2010), and De glemte piger (2011). Until 2008, Blædel's books were published in Denmark by Lindhardt and Ringhof. Since 2008, her publisher has been People's Press.

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Mikkel Birkegaard

Mikkel Birkegaard is a Danish author of fantasy fiction. He lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Birkegaard is an IT developer whose first novel, a mix of fantasy and thriller, was a bestseller in Denmark. Foreign rights were sold for translations into 17 languages.

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Jussi Adler-Olsen

Carl Valdemar Jussi Henry Adler-Olsen (born August 2, 1950) is a Danish author who, after following several different courses of study and engaging in various professions, embarked on his literary career with two books about Groucho Marx in 1984. His bestsellers include the thriller Alfabethuset (Alphabet House) (1997) and, most recently, The Marco Effect (2012).

In 1980, he embarked on the compilation of Denmark's first cartoon encyclopedia, Komiklex, which he completed in 1985. He went on to write two books about Groucho Marx (1984–1985). Then he was an independent publisher 1983-1989 as owner, publisher and editor-in-chief publishing a range of non fiction and fiction titles. In 1989, he published Fred på tryk, the only widely quoted Danish bibliography on literature dealing with peace and security.

His first successful novel, Alfabethuset (The Alphabet House), followed in 1997. It tells the story of two British pilots on a secret mission who are shot down in Germany during World War II. It was followed in 2002 by Firmaknuseren/Og hun takkede guderne (The Company Basher), a thriller set in The Netherlands and in Indonesia in which a Dutch specialist in destroying large corporations is threatened to bring down an oil company.

In 2006, Washington Dekretet (The Washington Decree) begins with the assassination of the American President's wife on the very eve of an American presidential election. Following that the country is turned into disastrous events.

His first novels in the crime-thriller series about Department Q include: Kvinden i buret (The Woman in the Cage, UK title: Mercy, US title The Keeper of Lost Causes) published in 2007 Fasandræberne (The Pheasant Killers, UK title: Disgrace, US title The Absent One) published in 2008. Flaskepost fra P (Message in a Bottle, UK title: Redemption, US title A Conspiracy of Faith) published in 2009 Journal 64 published in 2010 Marco Effekten (The Marco Effect) published in 2012

All are set in Denmark where they enhanced his popularity, appearing at the top of bestseller lists.

Adler-Olsen's novels have been sold in 35 languages including China, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and the US. In Germany he has enjoyed particular success, becoming 2012's most popular author (German authors included) with five titles on Amazon DE's top 10 list over crime novels sold in 2012. Adler-Olsen's books have been on the bestseller lists in numerous other countries including Austria, Iceland, Norway not to mention The New York Times Paperback bestseller list.

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